All about roofs Emergency Call Out - Roof Repairs and make safe's



Give all about roofs a call and we can come out and stop the leak, even in the rain.

The roof will be "Made Safe" or completely fixed depending on how bad the damage is.

If the materials are on hand we can do an instant repair.

Our tradesmen carry a range of tools and materials, including tarpaulins, tiles, flashings, so chances are they can get a seal or fix there and then. If we can't do a temporary or permanent fix on the spot then we do a quote and return in good weather to complete the work.


Make Safe 

We can come to your property for an emergency  storm repair or when you need it fixed "right now"


Need a fix!! Call or text us now.

0414 815 030




Price list - "Make Safe / Repair / Emergency Call Out"

Daytime -       Week day          $240*


Night Time -  Week day          $340*


Daytime -       Weekend           $300*


Night Time -   Weekend          $390*

Has a big storm damaged your roof and flooded you house or business?

Roof leaking and you're not sure why?

Have another urgent problem?

We're here to help.